Friday, 1 July 2016

चिकित्सक दिवस Jokes

 चिकित्सक दिवस पर शुभकामनाए...
आप सभी को भगवान..
सरकार की दुत्कार से,
मरीज़ों की मार से,
मीडिया की चीख पुकार से,
यमराज की हाहाकार से,
आमिर खान जैसों के प्रहार से,
भगवान बचाये......
 I am confused with the new slogan of World Health Organization.
It says 'WHO cares'!!
 Happy Doctors Day
A small poem dedicated to this day---
औरों को सेहत बाँटने वालो
थोड़ी नज़र तो ख़ुद पे डालो
हाड़ माँस के बने हो तुम भी
आज के दिन तो इसे संभालो
डाकटर्स -डे पे होश में आओ
परिवेंटिव चेक अपना करवालो
लाइफ़ स्टाइल  हो सबको समझाते
ख़ुद का भी आडिट कर डालो
बंद करो यह टाँग खींचना
छोड़ो आपस की खींचातानी
क़दम  क़दम पे  दुश्मन  है बैठा
बदनाम तुम्हें करने की ठानी
जो ख़ुद मे है कमी दूर करें
खोई साख फिर से हम पाएँ
भगवान कभी  कहलाते  थे
कम से कम भले इंसां कहलाएं
 I enjoy being a doctor. My businessmen, engineer and software friends might earn more than me, bankers may have more benefits than me. But I still enjoy being a doctor because I can make someone better, because I can save a family, because I am part of a miracle many a times and because I am symbol of hope in despair.
My profession has given me enough. Being doctor I have more than enough money , have a decent house, enjoy little hobbies, & needs are met.
I am also amongst the most intelligent and the top elite professionals in the world. 
I am thankful to all my patients who put their trust and faith in me and I wouldn't let them down. I am thankful to God that He helped me to gain skills, which now I can contribute and can have a meaning in someone's life. 
Yes, it is stressful. I agree, I work very hard, without a doubt, I have many sleepless nights. I have worked days together without holidays, vacations or weekends. 
End of the day, it is my choice. I am leading a much easier life than those soldiers, army men, officers who stay in tents in snow, deserts and jungles and die every day for us. They are doing a tremendous job as well. All professions have challenges but not all have such returns as this one. 
My profession has given a meaning to my life, it is my turn to justify that. I love being a doctor, actually I feel blessed being one !!! 
This one is dedicated to all my doctor friends n relatives, who are doing a great job wherever they are & whatever might be the circumstances, they are making a difference in someone's life!