Saturday, 2 July 2016

If world is surgery department then

If world is surgery department then

OBAMA: is HOD who wants to control everyone one. But even PG's doesn't listen to him

PUTIN: is surgeon with best practice and does whatever like boss

MODI: is new resident who claims has done 100 whipples

CAMERON: is associate prof. and wants his own seperate unit

Xi: 2nd best practitioner,super fast surgeon with max complication. Never given even skin suturing to junior.

SHARIF: most junoir resident, far relative of hod, steal pt. of other unit, poor surgical skill, always call Xi far intra-op assitance

RAHUL: over-aged intern, always disappear from ward without informing. Love extension duty.god only know when he will finish internship. Take credit of good skin closure, blame pg for skin infection.

KEJRI: dean of private college. No power but want to put sign everywhere.

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