Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Best Pranayam for a fantastic life :

 किसी पंजाबी पीर ने क्या खूब कहा है-

वेख फरीदा मिट्टी खुल्ली (कब्र),
मिट्टी उत्ते मिट्टी डुली (लाश);

मिट्टी हँस्से मिट्टी रोवे (इंसान),
अंत मिट्टी दा मिट्टी होवे (जिस्म);

ना कर बन्दया मेरी मेरी,
ना ये तेरी ना ये मेरी;

चार दिना दा मेला दुनिया,फ़िर मिट्टी दी बन गयी ढेरी;

ना कर एत्थे हेरा फेरी,
मिट्टी नाल ना धोखा कर तू,

तू वी मिट्टी ओ वी मिट्टी;
जात पात दी गल ना कर तू,

जात वी मिट्टी पात वी मिट्टी,
जात सिर्फ खुदा दी उच्ची,
बाकी सब कुछ मिट्टी मिट्टी।

 1.Life can be Happier & Stressless
if we remember one simple thought,
" We can't have all that we desire. But time will give us all that we deserve."

2.A person's most useful asset is
not the head full of knowledge,
a heart full of love,
An ear ready to listen &
A hand willing to help...

3.If maintaining Relationship is your weakest point,

Then you are the strongest person in the world."....

4.Doing what you like is freedom.

Liking what you do is happiness...

5."Respect" is the most important element of our "personality"
It is like an investment! Whatever we give to others, it is returned to us with profit

6.Best Pranayam for a fantastic life :

Inhale the future without any Expectation.
Hold the present
Exhale the past without any Regret!!

7.We normally believe that prayer changes things,
the reality is that prayer changes us and we change things.
Make the best of you each day!!!

8We don't talk about trees getting older.....
we say they are "growing"
Let's use the same language for ourselves :
We're not getting older,
We're growing!
That's the spirit of living.

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