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All new series on Rajnikanth Jokes, रजनीकांत जोक्स एवं चुटकुले

All new series on Rajnikanth Jokes, रजनीकांत जोक्स एवं चुटकुले  :

Rajnikanth was shot today... Tomorrow is the bullet`s funeral!
Rajnikanth killed a terrorist in Pakistan 'via Bluetooth'!
Rajnikanth can draw a straight line with a compass
Rajnikanth`s pulse is measured in Richter scale!
The new Rupee symbol is actually Rajnikanth`s signature!!!
Rajnikanth has a statue of Madame Tussauds at his house!!
Rajnikanth is the secret of Boost`s
and Complan is a Rajnikanth boy!
Rajnikanth participated in 100m race, obviously he came first, but
Einstein died watching that, since Light came second!!
Intel's new ad: "Rajnikanth Inside"
When Alexander Graham Bell first used his telephone, he realized that he already had two missed calls from Rajinikanth.
Why does needle of magnetic compass always point towards North??? . . Because, RAJINIKANTH lives in the South and no one has guts to point at him!!!
The apple which fell on Newton was actually thrown by Rajinikanth!
An email was sent from Pune to Mumbai, Rajinikanth stopped it in Lonawala!
Rajinikanth can whistle in 5 different languages!
Only Rajinikanth knows why Mona Lisa is smiling.
Rajinikanth is the person in the world who can make his girlfriend admit her mistake!
Rajinikanth went to the world cooking championship...of course Rajini won. But
guess what did he make in final??? Lal mirchi ki meethi kheer
 Wimbledon special 
Roger Federer: I know everything about tennis. Ask me anything and I will answer
Rajnikanth: Kanna.. How many holes are there in the net ?  

*The Government of India pays tax to Rajnikanth for living here!

*Recently,China airports were closed due to heavy fog. Later it was discovered that Rajnikanth was smoking hukkah in india

*Rajnikanth did his KG from seven different schools. Today those institutions are known as IITs!

*Rajnikanth wanted to write a blog.. and now we have Wikipedia

*who can sing a group song alone ?? A. Raavan ….. Everytime the answer isn’t #Rajnikanth

*Rajnikanth knows who let the dogs out.

*Wires get electric current when they touch rajnikanth.

*Once hanuman were caught reading ….rajnikanth chalisa.

*This diwali eat “rajnikant sweets” ….a perfect cure for diabetes.

*Rajni once slept with a truck ,it is now called optimus prime.

*ChemicalX used by professor to create the powerpuff girls was rajni’s spit!!

*Rajnikanth once chucked the Bruce out of lee n made chucklee.

*Rajnikant once made toilet papers but then no one could use it cause it wouldn’t take anyone’s shit!

*Nokia Rajnikant R series. 
20 sims 
1 year battery life
1k mp camera
washing machine
rocket launcher
24G meet and talk..

*Rajnikanth dont have memory card in his cell phone bcoz
He have sim card of 1 TB MEMORY

*Principal: what u want to become in future?

Student: After studying MBBS, I want to join Police force n get good job in a good software company nd work as lawyer n construct big buildings n conduct research nd become actor...

Principal: Hey, Wat's ur name?

Student: Rajnikant...!!!
*Genies rub Rajinikanth and he grants them three wishes

*The Delhi Rajdhani Express once missed Rajinikanth. It ran as fast as it could, but failed to catch him

*East India Company left India in 1947, Because Rajini was supposed to be born in 1949.

*Rajinikanth was offered Aamir's role in "Ghajini" but he denied. Because Rajanikanth can only give memory loss.

 *There is no such thing as global warming. Rajinikanth was cold, so he turned the sun up

*Rajinikanth once shot down a German fighter plane with his finger, by yelling, "Bang!".

*When Rajinikanth shows you the finger, he's telling you how many seconds you have left to live.

*vThe Pyramids of Egypt are actually Rajnikanth's primary school craft projects!

*NASA does not exist anymore. Rajnikanth bought all the rockets for Diwali!

*Even Ghajini remembers Rajni!

 *When do earthquakes occur? When Rajnikanth's mobile is on vibration mode!

*What would have happened if Rajnikanth was born 150 years ago? The British would have fought for independence!

*Rajnikanth woke up one day and decided he would share one per cent of his knowledge with the world. Thus, Google was born!

*When Rajnikanth stares at the sun in anger, the sun hides behind the moon, and this phenomena is knows as a Solar Eclipse!
*Rajinikanth effect on Google:
Open your internet browser,
in the address bar type 'googlerajinikanth',
Then Hold ctrl button and press enter,
And see the result !!

*Raknikanth has finished temple run game in his android 109.56

*Rajnikanth once taught a child how to play Counter Strike. That child went on to become Osama Bin Laden

*Once rajnikanth hit a six and now that ball is called Pluto!!

*Once dinosaurs borrowed money from Rajnikanth and refused to pay back.
That was the last time anyone saw dinosaurs!

*The game of chess originally had a piece called "Rajinikant " It was
later removed coz in 1 move, it could kill all pawns, knights,brooks,bishops,
dethrone the king and get the Queen pregnant

*The missing piece of Apple Inc. logo was officially eaten by Rajinikant

*Once formula F1 race was conducted between rajnikanth and Michael Schumacher. Obviously Rajni won but schumacher fainted. REASON: RAJNI Won the race by keeping the vehicle in neutral

*Rajnikant once entered a race, he came first, second & third

*Rajnikant once wrote a cheque, the bank bounced

*Rajinikant doesn't pay attention- attention pays him.

*Rajnikant stared at the sun for hours. The sun then blinked

*Rajnikant had died 20 yrs ago...death hasn't built up the courage to tell him yet.


10000 nuclear weapons, 600000 army, 10000 tanks,
12000 air force, 3000 ships


*Once… Rajnikant
forgot his toys near Mumbai…..
Now that place is known as


*Mission impossible was first offered to rajnikanth bt he refused bcoz he found the title insulting!!!

*Arjun: i can shoot eye of bird.

Rajni: i can shoot bird's eyes cells mitochodria protiens amino acid into two

Arjun: Aap to serious ho gae prabhu

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