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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Today is Sperm Appreciation Day

 'समय' न लगाओ तय करने में,
आप को करना क्या है...?
वरना 'समय' तय कर लेगा कि,
आपका करना क्या है .. .
एक auto wale की शादी हो रही
जब उसकी दुल्हन फेरों के वक्त उसके
पास बैठी तो वह बोला,
थोड़ा पास होकर बैठो, अभी एक
सवारी और बैठ सकती है।

Define "Harami"???
A Harami
is someone who visits a medical store instead of an ice cream parlour when his girlfriend says "I love strawberry flavour"!!!
Define "Chutiya"???
A Chutiya
is someone who visits an ice cream parlour instead of a medical store when his girlfriend says "I love strawberry flavour"!!!
Some people still using Pythagorean theorem of 30°-60°-90° to solve most difficult problems of life.
Only difference is, 'degrees' have been replaced by '30ml-60ml-90ml'
Today is Sperm Appreciation Day
Today, lets have a Moment of Silence in Honour of those children who were not born But were......
1. Swallowed during a Blow job,
2. Thrown away in a Condom,
3. Washed in trousers during Masturbation,
4. Dropped on someones breast and died in
5. Slipped on someones hips and lost with
6. And many more untold incidents. ...
Consider Yourself very lucky to be alive. Coz You made it!
You are a Sperm That Survived!!
You were the fastest swimmer and you made it!!
You were a Sperm that survived while billions of others Perished.
So do not feel down. Live Life and Enjoy Life. If you made it when you were a Sperm... You can make it in
Life too!

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