Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Why doctors do not unite for an impactful agitation in an adverse event :

Few reasons -why doctors do not unite for an impactful agitation in an adverse event :

1. Ego : nobody called me to support / act /come to the venue of assault/meeting .why bother ?

2 .Safety : i have a roaring work/practice.none of my pts will ever assault on me.

3.cadre : i am the most knowledgeable amongst my colleagues. such incidences happen to only those who are less in their knowledge.

4.honesty : I am an honest doctor .other all doctors who invite such assault are basically doing mal-practice. .

5.humbility : i usually don't go to IMA /speciality meets.
nobody will miss me !! : lady doctors should refrain from such hulla-gulla.
or i will send my husband. l will take care of the work. 

7.branch : the injured doctor is not from my speciality.his friends should fight for him.why me ?

8.income : no logic of missing todays collection.let me see whatever few pts come to me today. i will show my face for few mts in my free hours.

9.emotional distance : i, otherwise also , dont meet this doctor/s frequently .i find it difficult to feel emotionally attached to him/them.

10.excuse : i can always say i had emergency. nobody will doubt my real wish of avoiding participation.

11.lip service : i will send burning comments on social media.i dont have to co- operate any furthur....this this what we are mostly seeing .

12. fence sitters :
let me see for some time . if many join the rally / strike then i will think about it .no need to take initiative .

13. pressures :
my establishment is really big. i don't want to annoy / fight the civil authorities of the town .it will harm me in future.

14 . the last reason ;

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