Sunday, 12 April 2015

Dr Rohit gupta (A renowned gastro enterologist of Allahabad) was assaulted by the pts relatives.

Dr Rohit gupta(A renowned gastro enterologist of Allahabad) was assaulted by the pts relatives.

Pt was 80 yrs old, alcoholic cirrhosis with renal failure su feted arrest in late night, revived, but died early in morning at 4 AM.
He went to see the patient but relatives thrashed Dr Rohit for 10-15 min inside the ICU , snatched his mobile, gold chain and damaged the ICU infrastructure. Dr Rohit suffered fracture face and multiple soft injuries.  

IMA Allahabad on strike and Dharna in front of IMA blood bank at Allahabad

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Media coverage on 13th April in various newspapers


  1. Just c.....Our Dr Rohit was beaten brutally. And what we got in return....FIR against agitating doctors.

  2. 11.15 pm news from IMA

    Sanjay Jain‎IMA UP STATE
    1 hr ·
    Dear members of IMAUP State
    Our unity today had partial victory in the incidence of Allahabad due to massive support of all the branches of IMA UP, UP NHA ,All the state branches of IMA of country and leaders of IMA HQ, A FIR against 4 culprits as per CCTV footage registered and 3 culprits have been arrested and sent to jail . They are booked for attempt to murder and under clinical protection act.
    But we should continue our agitation and work with black badges till we restore the dignity . Our demands are as follows.
    1. Arrest of all culprits of assult on doctor at Allahabad.
    2. Medical protection act should be effectively implemented in UP and each police station should be aware of it and answerable for happening of any such kind of incidence.
    3 .The administration should stop harassment of doctors and hospitals for sake of money extraction under the pretext of various rules and regulations.
    IMAUP State advice all its branches to plan for a long and arduous battle.
    Tomorrow all branches should organise a press conference and a Dharna Pradarshan at a prominent place in city, or At IMA Bhawan or at DM OFFICE for an hour. So that our agitation is noticed by all.
    Day after tomorrow branches should plan massive rally with full strength across the city with play cards demanding safety and security for doctors from Government and administration.
    We should not loose momentum till we achieve our goal.
    Long live IMA.
    Dr. Sharad agarwal(State President ), Dr Anand Prakash(Hony.State secretary),Dr Sanjay Jain(editor & Incharge communication and social media).Dr M M Paliwal (chairman action committe )&
    Team IMA UP STATE.