Saturday, 4 April 2015

A write up worth pondering on and sharing , an objective perspective...........These people show how shameless and ungrateful one can be!

A write up worth pondering on and sharing , an objective perspective

358 Indians (almost all Muslims and Christians) evacuated from the war-torn Yemen. Gen VK Singh, minister, sent to Yemen to supervise rescue operations.

Fr Alexis Prem Kumar, a Christian evangelist was kidnapped last June in Afghanistan. Although Kumar had gone there on behalf of the Vatican for proselytization, the Indian govt left no stone unturned for his release. In Feb this year, he was freed from captivity. On his return to India, Fr Kumar told the media, “It is because of Prime Minister Modi that I am back in India.”

114 Indian nurses, kidnapped by ISIS in Iraq, were released and brought back to India by the Indian govt last July. Almost all of these nurses were Christians.

40 Indian workers, all Muslim, were wrongly detained in a prison in Saudi Arabia since April 2013. But within two months of Modi govt taking over, all 40 workers returned safely to India after Sushma Swaraj took it up with the Saudis.

Govt pressed 30,000 personnel of Indian Army, Air Force and NDRF to rescue 300,000 flood-hit people (mostly Muslim) in J&K last September.

Asif Ibrahim was appointed Director of Intelligence Bureau by UPA II, by superseding three IPS officers (all Hindus), with an eye on the Muslim vote bank. Ibrahim was not removed from his post when Modi govt took over. He continued in his post till he retired on 31 December 2014.

Mohd Akbaruddin, IFS, was appointed spokesperson of MEA in 2011 by UPA II. He was not removed from his position when Modi took over. On the contrary, he has become the face of MEA on television and social media.

While all this was happening, the Left-liberal media, the Muslim ulemas, and the Archbishops were happy but never uttered a word of appreciation for the Modi Govt for the role it played in these operations.

But one broken window in a Delhi church and ₹8000 stolen by petty thieves, a small fire in a church caused by a short-circuit, a few smashed glasses in a Mumbai Church by some disgruntled employees of the church (all christians), a Nun ‘raped’ by Bangladeshi infiltrators (all Muslim) in Mamata’s West Bengal, and all of them stand up in unison and shout loudly…


They choose to ignore the fact that for every church burgled, there are ten temples that were burgled too. For every Muslim killed, there are ten Hindus killed too. For every Christian raped, there are ten Hindu women raped too. For every attempt at Ghar Wapasi, there are hundred Hindus who were converted to Christianity too. For every attempt to stop Church-planting in a village with no Christians, there are attempts to stop Hindus from celebrating Saraswati puja ( in Muslim-dominated Murshidabad), there are attempts to stop Hindu girls from playing football (Muslim-dominated Maldah), there are attempts to stop Hindus from playing bhajans on a loudspeaker (in a Muslim-dominated area). For every Muslim and Christian feeling pained and hurt, there are hundreds of Hindus who feel pained and hurt too.

These people show how ungrateful one can be!

These people show how shameless one can be!

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