Sunday, 5 April 2015

11 Things Only FOR A WhatsApp Group Admin


1. You're the life of the group.

Since you've created the group, you're the most important person in it.

2. You take the sole responsibility of resolving disputes within the group.

When people fight on the group, you're the first one to tell them to chill.

3. You're sick of the mean Whatsapp admin jokes.

You just don't react to the mean WhatsApp admin jokes anymore.

4. You take the pain of adding new members to the group.

You gather contact numbers and add them to the list. That's some great work there.

5. You add people without their will to join the group, but can do nothing about it.

You know that people don't like being added to the group, but you have to do it because it's an easy way to contact them.

6. You never let people escape the group. If they try to, you add them back.

There is no escape from the group. EVER.

7. You break peoples' hearts by removing them from the group.

If someone annoys you, you use your 'admin' power and remove them from the group.

8. You feel bad when someone leaves the group.

At first, you're shocked. And then you feel sad for leaving the group.

9. You choose your admins wisely.

11 Things Only A WhatsApp Group Admin Would Relate To

When it comes to nominating admins, you choose them wisely.

10. Sometimes you seriously feel like muting your own group.

You wake up to 450 messages in the group! People talk so much. Like SO MUCH!

11. You don't like it when people change the group name or the group pic.

You hate it when people mess with your group.

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