Thursday, 26 March 2015

You ask your wife something and she says

You ask your wife something and she says,

"Wahan rakha hai"

This "wahan" can be either on the table or Antarctica.

when wife say,

"Woh laa do"

It can be her Lipstick or An AK 56

When Wife says 

"Yeh kya hai "

It can be your Pyjamas on the floor or a Radioactive Drone flying over Afghanistan

When wife says, 

"tumhe samajh nahi aata"

It can be about a new emotional whatsapp msg or Einstein's Theory of Relativity

when wife says, 

"Abb Bohot ho gaya "

It can be the mascara she is putting or the amount of Anthrax that needs to be put in a Biological Weapon.

When wife says, 

"main kaisi lag rahi hoon? "

It doesn't have any other meaning, it just puts you in a fix which Arjun had just before the fight in Mahabharata as to Whether you should follow Dharma or Karma

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