Friday, 20 February 2015

Interesting Facts about 'PK'

Interesting Facts about 'PK'

Aamir Khan din't blink his eyes throughout the runtime of the film. ( Excluding 2-3 scenes )

Movie's satellite rights were sold for a whopping 85 crs. with a promise that the movie will earn atleast 300 crs. nett domestically. This is the highest satellite amount for any Bollywood film.

Aamir Khan got nude for the first time in his career for this film.

Aamir Khan played nine different avatars and during the course of the film, the actor had to eat over 1000 paans. "In real life paan is not a habit, I have it once in a while but for this film I chew paan for every scene. I would at times eat about 100 paans in a day. We had a paanwala on the sets," said Aamir Khan in the report. Apparently, for every take, Aamir had to eat a fresh paan to fill his mouth, also before beginning the shoot Aamir would eat at least 10-15 paans to get the right color inside his mouth and on his lips.

Sachin Tendulkar who watched this film days before the movie was released for public was literally stunned after watching the performance of Aamir. 

Aamir Khan has planned a special screening of the film for Sanjay Dutt in jail.

The movie will be released on 6000 screens in India and Worldwide combined making it the biggest Bollywood release ever.

In 2011, in its initial scripting stage, Rajkumar Hirani named the film 'Talli' then changed it to 'Ek Tha Talli' which he actually loved it but later on came to know that 'Ek Tha Tiger' was already in production which was released in 2012. So he dropped the idea and after many titles, he came up with a unique title which only had initials, 'P.K'.

Costumes worn by aamir khan in the movie are actually collected randomly from the public . 

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