Thursday, 4 December 2014

In lighter mood............Define n classify doctor !

Q- define n classify doctor ..write etiology ,pathogenesis, clinical feature ,management ,complications and prognosis of medical student..

A- DOCTOR-doctor is an authorized practitioner of medicine, as one
graduated from a college of medicine or osteopathy
and licensed by the appropriate board,recognised by medical counsil of india,who professionally treat the patient by medication or surgery under the strict guidlines of MCI and fulfilling all the conditions and requirements of MCI..


1)MD - (speciality ) one who treats patient using medication..

2)MS - (speciality )one who treats patient using surgical procedure..

3)MBBS - (sensibility ) one who treats patient using common sense


1)interested in bio

2)poor in maths and calculation

3)respect and money

4)secure future




interest in bio/ poor maths --> bio in 10th --> 12 th pass out --> drop --> study --> pmt --> drop --> study --> pmt --> drop --> study --> pmt.........---1) selected for mbbs.

2) other course..

3) chronic drop study pmt cycle....

GRADING of students-

Gd 1- non studious alcoholic ( asymptomatic)

Gd 2- studious with alcoholism (mild)

Gd 3- non studious non alcoholic (moderate)

Gd 4- only studious ( severe )


1) stetho around neck

2) tea addiction associated with gold flake

3) simple haircut n clean shave

4) spex

5) formal cloths

6) eveready to prescribe anyone anywhr anything

7) strong feeling of being medico after droplet trasmission of haywards or other health drink.


generally they are poor at management..they have 1) ill maintained- a) food cycle.. B) cloth cycle.. C) sleep cycle.. D) motor cycle.. E) relationship..

2) well maintained- friendship..
Treatment- 1) family members

2) marriage.....


3 L's of life..

1) lifetime study.

2) late marriage.

3) late earning.


almost always 100% .... Proud of being a medical student and future doctor

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