Thursday, 11 September 2014

Boundary Lines Between Countries

An interesting collection of country borders photos, from which you will learn how to look borders of neighboring countries, The boundary between some countries - it is only a symbolic line separating pedestrian sidewalk cafes, house and among others - is a high fence with barbed wire. Just compere with our country and it's neighbors
Germany / Czech Republic
Germany and Czech Republic Country Border

Ukraine / Poland
Ukraine and Poland Country Border Line

China / Russia
South Korea / North Korea
South Korea and North Korea

Sweden / Norway
Sweden and Norway Country Border Rive Bridge Road

Canada / United States
Canada and United States Country Border Road

Italy / Switzerland (at an altitude of 3,470 meters above sea level)
Italy and Switzerland Country Border Road Line Mark

Mexico / USA
Mexico and USA Country Border

Netherlands / Germany / Belgium Triangle Point
Netherlands, Germany and Belgium Triangle Border Pint

Liechtenstein / Austria
Liechtenstein and Austria Country Border Road Line

Bangladesh / India
Bangladesh and India Country Border Barbed Wire Line

Syria / Iraq
Syria and Iraq Country Border Barbed Wire Line

India / Pakistan
India and Pakistan Country Barbed Wired Border Photo  

The Netherlands / Belgium
The Netherlands and Belgium Country Border House

Switzerland / Liechtenstein
Switzerland and Liechtenstein Country Border River Bridge

China / India
China and India Country Border Photo  

Portugal / Spain
Portugal and Spain Country Border Mark

Argentina / Paraguay / Brazil River Triangle Point
Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil River Country Border Triangle Point Photo — 

Russia / Belarus
Russia and Belarus Country Border Road

Austria / Slovakia / Hungary Triangle Border Point
Austria, Slovakia and Hungary Country Triangle Border Point

India / Myanmar
India and Myanmar Country Barbed Wire Border Photo — 

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