Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Cute Appendix ................ (Acute Appendicitis).......... A must read for Doctors..........


Once there lived an appendix, 

as cute as one can be. 

Ileum and caecum right and left, 
in the middle lay she.

Darling of the abdomen, 

she was slim and pink. 

With a very narrow lumen, 
and lymphoid cells within.

Not one knew her functions, 

some said she stayed for free. 

Freeloader some called her, 
but others let her be.

Along came an appendiculolith, 

handsome they say was he. 

Riding through the gut on stools, 
and love it had to be!

Plump and red she grew with love, 

yet more love showered he. 

Their love irked some around,
but the peritoneum couldn't let them be!

They say that day was grim, 

as no day shall ever be. 

He covered his face with a mask, 
and a gown in green wore he.

The taenia coli showed the way, 

and at their junction the lovers found. 

Crushed thrice and ligated, 
only a stump will ever be found.

Now weeps the whole abdomen, 

and says their love was deep. 

Paralytic ileus has been agreed upon, 
to honour the lovers in their sleep.

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