Saturday, 9 August 2014

ABCD of Liver Cirrhosis ... Ha Ha ...........

ABCD of Liver Cirrhosis 

A- Antiquity 

B- Black Label 

C- Chivas Regal 

D- Directors Special 

E- Eight PM 

F- Fuel/Fosters 

G-Green Label 

H- Haywards 

I- Imperial Blue 

J-Johny Walker 


L- Löndon Pilsner 

M- McDowell No 1 

N- Napolean Rum 

O- Old Monk. 

P- Peter Scott 

R- Royal Stag 

S- Signature 

T- Tequilla 🍷

U- Urrack 🍷 

V- Vat 69 

W- White Mischief 

X- XXX Rum 🍷 

Y- Yankey 🍷 

Z- Zingaro 

Cheers n Enjoy  😍😍😊😋😉

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