Sunday, 27 July 2014

What are the most funny statements given by Indian politicians?

What are the most funny statements given by Indian politicians?
1. This one was really epic...!

I can guarantee that roads of my constituency would be smoother than Katrina Kaif's waist.
---Rakhi Sawant

We really need politicians with such intentions and powerful imagination, but unfortunately she lost the elections....! 

2. This comment is not funny rather ridiculous but only a person struck with some madness can make such statement and hence funny from his point of view. 

Ladke ladke hai....galti ho jati hain.
--Mulayam Singh Yadav

Would his reaction be the same if it was his daughter in law who was raped..?
Neta ji Cycle galat raste pe chal rahi he.....! (exponentially increasing cases of rapes in Uttar wonder why..?)

3. ....and this one is out of world (because what he said can happen out of this world only)

You can eat a meal in Delhi in Rs. 5, I don't know about Mumbai.
--Rasheed Mahmood

I guess he is still living in his 19s when he used to be young....!

4. ...actually previous night he was busy watching Inception, the "state of mind" comment-

Poverty is just a state of mind.
--Rahul Gandhi

Now i got the the answer to why he was laughing even after losing the know becoming prime minister is just a "state of mind" and that's it.

5. Next one is a thousand dollar statement....!

Rape cases are on a rise in the country because men and women interact with each other more freely now.
--Mamta Banerjee

....did i hear someone saying that she is unmarried....!

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  1. “Re. 600/month enough to feed family of 5” - Sheila Dixit, Ex CM- Delhi

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