Saturday, 26 July 2014

Most deadliest adventures on Earth worth trying before dying?

What are some adventures worth trying before dying?
Some of the most deadliest adventures are:
1. Skydiving:

2. Scuba Diving: 

3. Cliff camping:

4. Ice Climbing at Waterfall: 

5. Yoga on Norway's Trolltunga

6. Swinging at La Casa Del Arbol

7. Standing on  Kjeregbolten boulder in Rogaland, Norway

8. Base jumping: A sport invented by people who absolutely can't get enough death-defying danger in their lives.

9. Trapeze paragliding: 

10. Outrageous Extreme Skiing: 

11. Slack-lining: 

12. Rappelling into the "Fantastic Pit" cave in Mexico

13. Extreme Surfing: 

14. Mountain Rafting: 

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