Saturday, 5 July 2014

5 Star Joke*****...........Is that how Jannat is ?

*****5 Star Joke

Abdullah tried to contact the soul of his cousin, Naved, who had exploded himself as a suicide bomber,, through a spiritual seance. 

Abdulla wanted to know whether the "Jihad" legend was true. Especially about the 72 virgins they are rewarded with.

So he asked..."How is the social life bro?"

Naved ..."Amazing bro, I can pick any female and they don't object. Both males and females roam around naked here. Nobody bothers you and actually i'm doing it round the's the ultimate "

Abdullah..." Holy that how Jannat is ?"

Naved.." No no no bro....not Jannat...I am reborn as a street dog in Karachi".

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