Friday, 25 July 2014

Iconic Quotes On Rahul Dravid ............Rahul Dravid on “Patience” ........

Iconic Quotes On Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid doesn’t require an introduction. He’s one of those few sportsmen in the world whose attitude on and off the field demands nothing but respect.

Here are some of the best quotes about The Wall of Indian Cricket.

Rahul Dravid on “Patience”

“When I’m requested to speak to youngsters I like talking about this phase of my life and liken it to fascinating plant: The Chinese Bamboo. You can take a Chinese bamboo seed and plant it in the ground, water and nurture the seed for an entire year & not even see a single sprout. Infact, you’ll not see a sprout for 5 years. But suddenly, a tiny shoot will spring from the ground. And over the next 6 weeks, the plant can grow as tall as 90 feet. It can grow as fast as 39 inches every 24 hours. You can literally watch the plant grow.

What was the plant doing during these 5 years, seemingly dormant period, it was growing its roots. For 5 full years it was preparing itself for rapid, full growth. Without this root structure, the plant simply couldn’t support itself for its future growth. Some would say the plant grew 90 feet in 6 weeks, I would say it grew 90 feet in 5 years & 6 weeks”

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