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Friendship-Friendship SMS

                               Friendship-Friendship SMS

Jise dil ki kalam or mohabat ki ink kehate hai.jise lamho ki kitab or yaadon ka cover kehate hai. Yahi woh subject hai jise log Friendship kahate hai..

Seconds of introduction..Minutes of discussion..Hours of attraction..Days of interaction..Years of satisfaction..Makes freindship a strong construction…

i made a list of special ppl in my life with pencil,but when i reached ur name i used pen bcoz i decided to keep u forever as my sweet friend.
When emotions play their role the heart cries.When heart cries it does not make any sound & the person who listens to that unmade soundis called a Friend.

Rose born for beauty , Jasmine born for Smell , You born for Smile , I born for See you ,but We 2 born for lovely FRIENDSHIP

If I got ur smile,I dnt ned flowrs,If I got ur voice,I dnt ned music,If u speak 2 me I dont ned anybody else,If U r my frendI dont ned the world..

Time goes so fast, life asks so much, No wonder even best of best friends get out of touch.! But in , true, unseen, friendship stays forever.

LIFE Starts INTENSE; But Ends With SILENCE;LOVE Starts With FEAR; But Ends With TEAR..And true FRIENDSHIP Starts HOWEVER; But Ends"NEVER".

FRIENDis aFoundationof LOVE..LOVEis aOrganizationof LIFE..LIFEis aDistrubutionof FEELINGS..FEELINGSr the Constructionof FRIENDSHIP

it is realy amazng wen two stanger becom frnds bt its raly sad wen two frnds becom stranger . hope it wud nvr happen with .. we will frnds 4evr

There r a few wornderful pair in world,heart n beats, night n moon, fish n water ,flower n colours,my msgs n ur smiles.

Lifeis jst like sea.we are moving without end.Nothing stays wid us.What remain is jst d memories of some people who touched us as waves...

feeling is a painting never split it , face is a book try to read it , love is a precious never lose it , frenship is a mirror never break it.


0ur Friendship is Like Playing on See-SawNot only Because Its Always Fun With YouBut Also Because I Wouldn't MindGoing Down 2 See You Rising !!!

We can't own time to have long talks. We don't have nice chances for more laughs, but even though our world's dont meet, I will always be your friend to keep.

jise dil ki "KALAM" or bharose ki "INK" kehte hai, jise lamho ki "KITAB" or yaado ka "COVER" kehte hai, yahi wo "SUBJECT" hai jise log "FRIENDSHIP" kehte hai.

However high the sky may be,However wide the River may be,However strong the wind may be Just Remember we are the Best Friend Forever…

Lips Bhindi ki tarha Gaal Tamatar ki tarha Eyes Matar ki tarha Poora Face Gobih ki tarha E Khuda ye kaisa Dost diya Subzi Mandi ki tarha

As precious as u r to me, As precious no one can ever be, I know friends r hard to choose, But u r a friend I never want to lose.

What is Real but Invisible?-ur Carewhat is true but unfair?-ur AbsenceWhat is sweet but Naughty?-ur Smilewhat is Precious but Priceless?-Our Friendship

The relation between u and me is like hand and eyes,when hand hurts,eyes cry...n whn eyes cries...hand wipes!!!!........thts our friendship

FRIENDis aFoundationof LOVE..LOVEis aOrganizationof LIFE..LIFEis aDistrubutionof FEELINGS..FEELINGSr the Constructionof "FRIENDSHIP"

Tru-Great friendship is about two main things First is to find out the similarities, The second is to respect the differences..

May our friendship turn into silver silver into gold, gold into diamonds.. & may our diamonds be forever... then we will sell it OK? fifty-fifty*

Friendship is like a bank in which u have to deposite love,sympathy,trust,help and joy as inetrest u will get companion 4 lifetime.

When a person can find sorrow behind ur smile, words behind ur silence & luv behind ur anger, u can believe u have found ur "Best buddy"

Love is:99%unstoppable99%unimaginable99%emotional99%desire,99%destiny,99%joy....but a" FRIEND "like uis 1% more than LOVE.

Wat makes frnds specialis d way each 1 remembrs d otherwen dey r apart, dey mis d talks,d laughs & d times dey were 2gethr."LIFE changes;memories n frnz DONT"

Rememberance is d sweetest flower in d garden of frndship..A friend is a person who never thinks of the last three letter of d word "FRIEND".

Life is nt hard,nt alwys fun.Nite brings dark &mornin brings sun.Wen life seems tough&nobody seems 2 care Dilse yaad karna,I wil b dere

Dosti is smthing dat no one can hate.Dosti is a passion v can nvr rate.Dosti can hapn any time early or late.Dosti is only medicine widout expiry date
"I say & U listen" is a good friendship."U say & I listen" is a better friendship."I dont say & U understand" is the best friendship.

Sometimes in life v think we dnt need anyone,But sometimes we dnt hve anyone when we need someone,So, hold good people around n never let ur friends go...!!

Friendship... is not something u learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, u really haven't learned anything...

Tere Dil Diyan Yaara Tu Jaane, Mere Dil Vich Dhadkan Tere Hai, Tu Jinna Chir Mainu Pyar Karen, Mainu Onni Umar Bathari Hai

FriendshipIs A Gift,That Is Fair In All Thingz.It Roots From One's Heart&Involves MemoriesThat Stay NotFor A WhileButFor A Lifetime.

Feel a friend like me.Feel a company wit me. Everyday everytime & Every moment i am wit u.To share ur feelings..Thats the real care of a FRIEND.

Friend means no asking Friend means no reasoning Friend means just believing & Friend is tat who never believes in last 3 alphabets of FRIEND.

True relation is,wen u had a huge fight,decidng2 break al relatns,But den decide2 put aside al ur egos,hold hands again n say"I Need u yar

Friendship is the heaviest coin in the international bank of love & with ur frndshp i'm the Richest person on earth.So keep me rich 4ever.

Days passes by leaving beautiful memories. Words remains in the form of stories.But, relationship always remains in the heart like heart beat.

Only a lovable Person can feel ur silent pain N wil hold ur hand til U bcom strong again. So dont lose them. U'l never b able 2 find them in life again..

My Relationship..With U is Like Sugarcane!!Break It,Crush It,Squeeze It,EvenBeat & Grind It,But AlwaysU Will Get,Only...SWEETNESS.. :-)

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