Friday, 20 June 2014

For mainland indians...Never say this to a north-eastern indian -

For mainland indians...Never say this to a north-eastern indian - 

1)are you a chinese?

2)are you an indian?

3)how long have you stayed in india?

4)do you know kung-fu?

5)can you read chinese script?

6)say my name in your language.

7)how do you say f-word in your language?

8)omg! are you a christian? I thought you were all into buddha and stuffs.

9)can i call you chinki cause we are friends?

10)why do you have small eyes?

11)so youre from nort east? Ching ching chong. 

12)do you eat dog?

13)do you love momos?

14)can you teach me how to use chopsticks?

15)i have a girlfriend from the north east, do you know her?

16)i am not racist! I only date northeasterner.

17)can you even speak hindi?

18)youre not a true indian right?

19)whats the difference between a mizo and a naga?

20)where are you from?
Never heard of such place.

21)are you a communist?

22)why do you have yellow skin? Are you in to drugs?
23)do you dance naked?

24)indian aur chinese bhai hai!! Youre my brother cause youre chinese.

25)why do you have pale skin? Are u malnourished or smthng?

26)are you a maoist?

27)why do you dress differently?

28)oh youre from north east.can you play guitar?

29)do you drink a lot?

30)i love north east espicially bhutan. Lol.

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