Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day.................

Vikas Maity
The world is celebrating 'Mother's day' today, India is not untouched from it either... the urban areas are aware of this day and social media has contributed much to spread the message among masses.. However, a major portion is rural area in India and still untouched from such days.. Neither they get up in the morning and wish "Happy Mother's Day" to there mom", Neither they buy exclusive gifts or prepare one for their mother. Nor, they go on social media singing praises for their mother.. For them this day does not exists.. For them Mother's day is not known... Does that mean they don't celebrate it?? Does that mean they do not understand the importance of mother, who is the whole and soul, the architect of the society we live in?? Does that mean they do not choose one day singing praise for their mother?? - Lets find out..

One won't need huge stack of books on sociology & philosophy to understand and relate to reality that we see and experience every moment... Mother's day is also one among them.. So what does this people do on Mothers day how do they celebrate it who are unknown to this fact that far away someone has decided to dedicate a day to mothers in this mortal world. For this people, who are untouched from the western culture Mother is an Eternal figure, Mother is equal to God. They don't celebrate it, they identify themselves with their mother and not just their mother but every mother on the face of the earth.. Now you are wondering, how could say so!!- Let me tell you how... All know female gods or rather it will be appropriate to say the female attribute of god is called 'Maa'... Do we Identify our mother with god or do we Identity God with our mother?? well the answer is neither... we don't see a difference and they are one and the same... Pick up a form of one god and you can very well recognize that aspect within your own mother, Lets say, Goddess Lakshmi.. She is the 'annapurna' "One who feeds".. She is no one else but your mother.. Lets now see Goddess Saraswati.. "Goddess of knowledge".. 'Maa' teaches you how to speak, how to learn from the moment you are born. You see the world through your eyes but from her perspective and gain knowledge during your childhood... She is the initiator of your education... Now lets talk about the ferocious Goddess Durga/Shakti.. Well, I don't have to remind you of the beating or shouting or the constant nagging you have faced during your teenage days... All for your good.. All for stopping you to wander way to the wrong paths.. She killed the evils within you to carve out a kind human out of you. Didn't she?? talking about goddesses I am sound too religious and for some 'Communal' may be... But no, I was talking about the mothers of this world... and we don't celebrate it just one day.. Pick up an Hindu calender .. you may get tired of counting the days we celebrate our Mother and sings songs in her praise.. and its not limited to one's mother alone about mothers from past, present and future.. as she is Eternal... What do we do for our mother?? That might be the question in the minds of the readers.. Well, We don't pick up a day and celebrate it.. its not a one day things... its an everyday practice to respect her, praise her for all that she does and offer her all that you can.. yes they might not be exclusive gifts or greeting cards.. But, you service to show your respect and obedience... Unlike western culture.. its a matter of pride, love, respect towards mother to offer your first salary to her.. well that's gift!! some would say not.. its the duty of a child.. Well that's my point.. We cannot give her a gift all we do for her is our duty.. She gave the gift of life and no gift could match that.. we can only be thankful to it and could never return anything in this world which could match that... So, these Indians do not gift anything to there mother?? Well, when I mentioned the no.of days we celebrate mothers, we do not forget to offer to the goddess in form of a sculpture/painting neither in form of human(Maa).. 
1.Touching her feet to get blessings from her on auspicious days.. Before every act of importance in your life.. 
2. If one can, one does buy her materials of this world for her comfort/pleasure/need. 
3. Provide service and loyalty in every walk of life.. 4. Be with her till she is with her child, The last gift is rather fading away in today's world, as it is more easy to send her a greeting card or just give her a call and wish her happy mothers day, than be at her service for life... Isn't it?? Times have changed and we have limited the ceaseless, eternal reach of mother to mere one day of gifts, praise and online fwd picture messages.. and we mere flow with the trend as it is easier than swimming in the opposite direction.... Finally to all the readers "HAPPY MOTHERs DAY".. 

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