Monday, 7 April 2014

Joke.......................Jokes for Surgeons only..................Specially Not for anesthesiologists.................

The aircraft was cruising at thirty-five thousand feet and everyone had just finished having their lunch. 

The soft whining of the engines wasc coaxing passengers to sleep.
Sitting in economy class , row 22 seat B, was an Anesthetist wiggling his toes in an attempt to prevent deep vein thrombosis developing in his feet.

As he sipped a complimentary glass of water , a frantic message came over the public address system; "Anesthetist urgently needed for someone in Business Class!"

Hoping that someone else would get up, our Anesthetist pretended not to hear and looked out of the window.

The call came again;
"Please ... we urgently need an Anaesthetist for someone in Business Class "

Perhaps this was serious . Why did they need an Anesthetist ?
Maybe it was a cardiac arrest! 

Trying to recall the ABC's , the Anesthetist got the attention of one of the cabin staff.

They were so relieved;
"Thank you Sir, for volunteering to help us.
There is this gentleman who needs your urgent assistance in Business Class".

The anesthesiologist was taken to the Business Class section.
Wow! There was so much space. It was another world compared to the cramped Economy Class. 

But where was the patient ? There were only a few passengers , and all were asleep except one of them who was reading a newspaper.

Nobody seemed to be in any distress. This was perplexing .
Suddenly the man reading the newspaper looked up. He was a rather well fed gentleman and had a grumpy voice; " Are you an Anesthetist ?"
"Yes ... ?"
"Oh .. that's great!
I am an Surgeon , and have been looking for an Anesthetist .
So glad that they managed to find one ...."

This was getting frightening. Was this man trying to do surgery in this aircraft ?
The nervous Anesthetist managed to ask ; "How may I help you ?"
The surgeon replied;
"Well I have been trying to read this newspaper ...but the reading light isn't aimed correctly.
Can you please adjust it for me ....

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