Saturday, 1 March 2014

What do you not know about Zero FIR..................

Zero FIR can be filed at any police station – even if you are far off from the place of incident and you may/ may not be sure of the correct jurisdiction? There are provisions to do so and the same can be transferred to the appropriate police station limits when these are available. Such an FIR is called the Zero FIR!
However, there are chances that the police station you visit may plead unawareness of such a concept. You should still report an FIR for the record and have the police cancel out later if this is not possible (remember!, this is just to buy time. No police station would officially say there is no zero FIR).

So, why did this come to being ?

Incidents like accident, murder and rape require immediate action from the concerned authorities and rush to take samples, getting information from eye witnesses and getting circumstantial details. A Zero FIR helps to take note of this initial action regardless of trying to figure out which limits the crime comes under first.

How can you file a Zero FIR ?

Like a regular FIR, follow the below checklist to make sure a Zero FIR is complete in all respects.

Statements are to be recorded in writing by a police officer.
Details in all respects known without speculation / assuming any thing must be provided to the police.
Sign the register to make this official.
You have a right to get your copy of the complaint along with the identification number or roll.
How do I make the best use of this Zero FIR ?


The main purpose of the Zero FIR is the initial action to be taken. Take care that the moment the Zero FIR is lodged, this should not be transferred to the appropriate police station without any initial investigation. This works against the purpose of Zero FIR itself.


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