Saturday, 15 March 2014

Joke......How to get full marks without knowing anything in medical examination!!!!

A Final year MBBS Student in AIIMS got this question of 20 marks in Opthalmology (Eye) in Final exam .

He didn't know anything about Latent Squint. But managed to get 17/20 marks.

Question: write a short note on Latent squint.

Latent Squint
Latent squint is an important type of squint and very important from medical perspective .

· Incidence-a good number of people suffer from latent squint ,the incidence varies from place to is commonly said that the number is gradually increasing,but it is probably because of better diagnostic facilities and increasing
awareness among people .

Definition –Different authors have defined latent squint in different ways but the most commonly used definition is one ,which helps in clearly defining this disease.

Classification –the Latent squint is classified according to the types and degree of the disease .This is important to know the classification because the treatment and prognosis ,depends on this .Some authors have mentioned different stages also, depending on the severity of the disease.

Signs and symptoms-The signs and symptoms of Latent Squint depend on the type , degree and duration of the squint .Many people present early and many people present late in OPD.The time lapsed from onset of the disease to presentation in OPD ,is influenced by educational status of the patient and family, financial condition, availability of medical facility ,and individual tolerance .Many a times ,the patient comes after the traditional treatment and other systems of treatment have been tried and failed.

· Investigation- Although ,by examination and history taking majority of the cases can be diagnosed ,modern modalities of investigation are helpful in border line cases .

· Diagnosis-The diagnosis depends on a good history taking ,thorough examination and investigations.

· Treatment –the treatment depends on the type and degree of the squint .This varies from conservative treatment to surgical intervention .

· Prognosis-The prognosis depends on the type and degree of the disease ,the interval between the onset of disease and instituting the treatment and the skill and experience of the doctor .



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