Thursday, 6 March 2014

Doctors call off strike, juniors continue to stage protest...................

Senior doctors in Uttar Pradesh and Indian Medical Association have called off their support to the six-day strike, which was launched by medicos in Kanpur against the manhandling and beating up of medical students, doctors and faculty members of GSVM Medical College by the police, following the local MLA-doctors scuffle in Kanpur.
Doctors Protest Against the Kanpur Incident (Photo Credit - Medicos Against Injustice)
 Doctors Protest Against the Kanpur Incident (Photo Credit - Medicos Against Injustice)
Doctors Protest Against the Kanpur Incident (Photo Credit – Medicos Against Injustice)

Reacting on the news of IMA headquarters calling off the strike, which was scheduled on Thursday, Dr Neeraj Nagpal, convenor of Medicos Legal Action Group and former president of IMA Chandigarh, said, “This is a matter of concern. Have we really got what we wanted? A strike call is the most potent weapon which should be used selectively. Giving call and then withdrawing without achieving our goals sends a wrong message. What has been achieved?”

According to Dr Nagpal, the SSP, DIG, and SP have been transferred not suspended and as the high court said “it is not to be regarded as a punishment”; MLA Irfan Solanki continues “to smirk publically”; no news as yet of cases having been withdrawn against the arrested medical students; and there is still no clarity of whether compensation has been given by the administration to injured and for damage to the college property.

“Maybe I am not in sync with leaders at IMA HQs but these are issues which bother me,” Dr Nagpal added.

A delegation of doctors, including the top representatives of IMA, Dr J B Patel and Dr Narendra Saini met Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav last evening. The leader assured them of independent probe and further action by the state government, however the talks largely remained inconclusive and IMA decided to carry a nationwide protest today. A shift from its stand is apparently due to pressure by the UP government and the Allahabad High Court.

Meanwhile, the 24 medical students who were lodged in jail have been released on bail but the charges on them still remain. The undergraduates, postgraduate junior doctors and resident doctors continue to stage protest as a mark of unfulfilment of their demands. The students demanded that the arrested students should be expunged and all charges should be dropped against them unconditionally.

Gaurav, an MBBS student of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur and one of the representatives of the students who are protesting against the incident, told India Medical Times, “As a gesture to pose our faith in the judiciary and in those who have assured us to take action against those found guilty by the inquiry committee, we have, for meanwhile, put the strike only on hold. Before calling off the strike officially, we are holding discussion with our counterpart in other cities who have lent support to us. All our demands have been more or less met. And we have respected and followed the High Court’s appeal to resume duties as people have been suffering.”

“IMA had already called off the strike late last evening. Now, it was on students to decide to go by the decision of our seniors. We are holding a General Body Meeting in which present and future course of actions will be discussed,” he said.

Anand Sharma, president, students union, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi who was a part of the students’ meeting held in Delhi, told India Medical times, “We are still holding meetings. We have not yet decided to call off the strike. We want to be confident first that our efforts do not go waste. Once we are satisfied, we might call off the strike.”

On February 28, a clash broke out between supporters of a SP MLA and junior doctors of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial (GSVM) Medical College and Hospital, Kanpur over allegedly misbehaving with an elderly person at the Medical College Square. The brawl took an ugly turn with both sides pelting stones at each other. The ensuing disorderly acts instigated police to resort to lathicharge to disperse the crowd. The incident left several people, including police personnel, journalists and many civilians injured. Following the incident 36 junior doctors were arrested, twelve of them were later released.

The incident of manhandling and alleged beating up of doctors and professors generated a nationwide outrage with doctors from several states going on strike.

by Vidhi Rathee


  1. Arindam Sinha‎KGMC-Alumni
    Battle won War lost 6th March 2014 1402 hrs : With a very heavy heart I have to write this post , since today morning , a lot of confusion was there regarding the srike of doctors , some IMA office bearers were describing the event as a battle won , they are so senior to me in this medical field and with due respect there are few unanswered questions :-
    1) Why were you on strike? For the transfer of SSP & release of students and initiation of an judicial enquiry. Yes these are good steps , but I felt this incidence of brutality as an open show of disrespect for the civilized way of living, We were fighting for the lost respect and now the whole nation , Media , Engineers, Businessmen and medicos from world over were supporting you. And look what you have done, you lost the War.
    2) What was the hurry ? Now you had all the support , Code of Conduct in force and a court order. The order was not for you , it was for the state govt. , court have appealed to you , not ordered you. State Govt. is approaching Supreme Court to quash the order, you could have explored you legal prospects.
    3) May be there was some pressure , may be undue pressure , but now are you sure there won’t be further pressure? Yes there will be , and get ready for it , you have arm twisted the POWER , it will certainly hit back , wait for it.
    4) Are you aware of the fact there is one more FIR against doctors by the missing BUZURG ( He may also vanish like the stitch mark of MLA) whom the MLA had claimed to have saved. There had been no written assurances from any official body but we were quick to end the strike, have you thought who will come to side with you the next time, you called of the strike with utter disregard to the various quarters from all over india giving you support.

  2. DrAtul Kumar Agarwal
    I had a word with State President of IMA UP Dr. Ravi Mehra.
    He told me that our all 4 major demands have been met that is why strike has been called off.
    Boys will be released today and their future will not be spoiled.
    IG DIG SSP transfer as per High court orders.
    Judicial Enquiry by Honourable High Court under its own supervision.
    Action against erring MLA after 3 wks of enquiry.

  3. What about the students who have been left paralyzed?