Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentine day's special...............How women want to be kissed..................

 Slow It Down
We like that you’re excited, but let the passion build naturally. 

MY TIP: Overeager kisses are always bad. Take it easy on your first kiss—a recent study in the journal Evolutionary Psychology found that men prefer wetter kisses and more tongue action than women.
 Less Tongue, Please
We don’t want to be drooled on. 

MY TIP: Start with feathery kisses, lightly flicking the tips of your tongues together. “You’ll produce less saliva that way,” says William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing. “Plus, the tip of the tongue is very sensitive–it feels quite good.”
 Don’t Give it All Up
If you tease us a bit, we’ll only want you more. 

MY TIP: Forceful kissing only creates an artificial sense of passion, while slow, purposeful kissing yields the take-me-now want, you want to generate in her.
 Hush Up
If you let out a little pleasure grunt, we won’t hold it against you. But keep those long, low growls to a minimum. 

MY TIP: Women are less likely than men to say that their partner’s sound makes a kiss hot. What does excite her: touching and playing.
 Stay Loose
Keep things natural. 

MY TIP: Keep your tongue in the front of her mouth, and instead of using it like a dart, try different motions and amounts of pressure. And don’t forget to touch her. Your hands should never be idle when kissing.

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