Friday, 24 January 2014

Jokes................Now it is the time to enjoy Nirupa Roy jokes.............

After Rajinikanth, Alok Nath, Arvind Kejriwal, veteran actress Nirupa Roy is the favourite troll topic for Twitterati. From her tragic roles in Bollywood movies to the various kinds of sons she has had on-screen to her ever-crying image, jokes abound on all aspects of her silver screen image.

1. Nirupa Roy's laptop has got WIDOW-XP installed.

2. Nirupa Roy can instantly cry on a joke.

3. Nirupa Roy's laughing mms goes viral...she claims it's doctored.

4. Nirupa Roy has 6 sons. All of them are named Vijay.

5. After Nirupa Roy's first marriage, her father said by mistake: "Sada abhaagan raho!"

6. Cannes to roll out white carpet for Nirupa Roy's welcome.

7. Nirupa Roy's most horrifying nightmare: she saw that she was young!!

8. Nirupa Roy's most romantic moment: when her husband gave her flowers for the first time...on Mother's Day.

9. Nirupa Roy's daughter doesn't talk to her anymore as she tried to name her 'Vijay' when she was born.

10. Nirupa Roy has 73 shades of white in her wardrobe collection.

11. Nirupa Roy to play lead role in upcoming movie 'Hasee To Phasee'.

12. Nirupa Roy dragged Johnson & Johnson to court over the "No more tears" campaign.

13. Nirupa Roy plays Holi with sindoor.

14. Nirupa Roy's Whatsapp status says: "Last cried at..."

15. Nirupa Roy was once approached for a comedy movie. That casting director lost his job.

16. CRY Foundation has offered Nirupa Roy to become its brand ambassador.

17. Nirupa Roy sends Weepeys instead of Smileys.

18. Nirupa Roy looks for her groom in Obituary columns.

19. Nirupa Roy still thinks Draupadi's 'Cheerharan' was a wardrobe malfunction.

20. When Nirupa Roy cuts an Onion the Onion starts crying.

21. Nirupa Roy provided 700 liters of free water per family through her tear ducts long before Kejriwal thought.

22. All ophthalmology textbooks have chapters dedicated to Nirupa Roy's different types of blindness and their corrective operations.

23. Mumbai police is not registering complaint of Nirupa Roy as they are confident that her kids will be back after 18 years.

24. Nirupa Roy use 'Internet Explorer' because it makes people cry.

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