Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fun for Surgeons......


1.all bleeding eventually stops.

2.a very bold surgeon is one who realises that his patient takes all the risks.

3. it takes 5 years to know when to operate, and 20 years to learn when not to

4.there are only 3 rules to a surgeon's life : eat when u can, sleep when u can and don't screw with the pancreas

5.don't look for things you don't want to find

6.when in doubt,blame the anesthetist.

7.the lesser the indication, the greater will be the complication, should be done gently with adequate making love

9. it is better to be lucky than good...

10. Pyar aur Surgeon kabhi jukta nahi....

11. Never rely on investigations ... its always better to
' OPEN & SEE '.

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