Saturday, 7 December 2013

Top most irresistible things Men like in women...................120913

Men are crazy. And they get crazier when they see you approach him in those red pumps and skinny jeans with a baggy and casual tee in style and confidence. Although there are a thousand things which make your irresistible, here are the top most unbelievable ones:

1. No make-up: Oops. Sorry girl. There’s a great chance that your guy hasn’t even noticed your smokey eyes or the new bronzer on your face. Save money and turn him on!

2. Lingerie that doesn’t match : And you though you should pair your lacy, satin purple underwear with a purple bra? Show him that you are unprepared and yet give in to his desires and make yourself hotter!

3. Wit : You thought it was all about physical contact? Crack a joke or flash your smile and he’s sure to get wooed! Tip: It’s better still if you are game even for jokes that are played on you. And why not? It just proves how self-assured you are.

4. Curvy is sexy: He doesn’t like flat abs and zero sizes. Men love love-handles.

5. Intelligence, confidence, emotional maturity and sexual openness : Flaunt your real self (sans the gloss), support him when he is down, talk excitingly and show your sensual attitude, and girl, you’ve got him!

6. Wearing a baggy tee to bed: Stay casual and he’ll be more comfortable in your company. Don’t intimidate him by being prim always or sounding like a know-it-all.

7. Unkempt hair: Whoa, why get prim and proper when your man likes your bed-hair or smudged kohl eyes?

8. Eye contact: Make yourself irresistible by looking at his eyes and putting across your point. Don’t be shy.

Poonam pandey as sexy village girl..... 

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