Friday, 1 November 2013

Sunny Leone latest jokes.....

Sunny Leone learning Hindi!
Teacher askd her 2 translate in 2 English
”Chaddar dekh kr pair failana”
“Wherever u see a bedsheet,
Just spread ur legs..!
Whats The Similarity Between Sunny Deol And Sunny Leone???
They Both Shout A Lot In Their Movies
Sunny Leone arrived at a Railway Station for a shooting…
Bhikhari: “Behanji 1 rupiya dedo…”
Sunny Loene gave him 1000 Rs.
Secretary: “Why u gave him 1000 Rs..?”
Sunny Loene: “Pehli bar kisine behan kaha hai…dil bhawuk ho gaya…
Director 2 Sunny Leone-
Suhagrat ka scene hai, Dudh ka glass le ke jana h aur hero ko pilana hai.:
Sunny Leone:- Agar Glass se hi Pilana tha to Hema Malini Ko le lete. !! __________________________________________________________
Postal department has issued Sunny Leone stamps.
Men are confused which side to lick and which side to stick .____________________________
A bank was planning to use Sunny Leone’s legs as the logo for its ATM. ? ? ? ? ?
Just wanted customers to know that they are open 24 hours…
Sunny Leone to taxi driver- Airport
Driver- Haan chalunga….
Sunny leone- Kya loge ?
Driver- Gareeb Aadmi hoon behenji, Paise hee lunga

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