Saturday, 19 October 2013

sureshot AYURVEDIC TREATMENT FOR DENGUE.........................107513

Hari Priya Choudhury
Subject: Dengue treatment


Take 10 Leaves of "Harshingar" Tree, and 8 Kaali Mirch crush kar lo, (Black Pepper), and boil it in 3 Glass of Water, when it boil downs to half, i.e. 1.5 Glass water, give 1 Sip every 1/2 Hour, for 12 Hours, Platelets will start increasing after first sip, it is a Miracle Drug, as Platelets rose to 16000 from 7000 after first sip and to 25000 after second sip, it is sure shot treatment for Dengue. Spread this message to maximum people, so that anybody who is suffering should take it to get relief from Dengue. Send this Message to Maximum People.

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