Monday, 21 October 2013

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Ishant Sharma special :

He is the greatest bowler ever. He doesn't just reverse swing the ball, he reverse swings the whole match.
Any team needs 30 runs in 1 over Call me pls.

If #cricket is religion, then #IshantSharma is #Asaram bapu.

Webster dictionary just got updated with a New Word: #IshantSharma A Consistent Inconsistent Bowler in #IndianCricket

Sunny Deol's dancing and Himesh Reshamiya's movies are far more better than Ishant's bowling.

Ishant Sharma gets a wild card entry in BigBoss.

Windows media player....... .....Is a better player than #IshantSharma

Its powerplay when Ishant is bowling.

If #IshantSharma consults a #Numerologist, he may ask Ishant to change spelling from "Sharma" to "SHARAM" !

Dhoni : "I don't fear opposition bowlers, I fear bowlers of my own (like Ishant) team".

#IshantSharma has now given more runs than the no. of hairs he has got.

I wonder if #IshantSharma is able to view the stumps from the dense black forest. Isn't it the reason for his aimless bowling?

Thanks to #IshantSharma , I am not reading today's newspaper"

Dear #SingleGuys, if a girl gives you as many chances as #Dhoni has given to #IshantSharma, #marryher.... :)

#KBC #Question : Who is the #Worst #Bowler in the #World ?? 
A. #IshantSharma 
B. Option A 
C. Option B 
D. #AllTheAbove .. :p

Every team talks about best death bowler and we have best suicidal bowler #IshantSharma

Ishant Sharma surpasses Sir Don Bradman as the greatest cricketer to have played for Australia. #Respect #Mohali

  • Indians : We have Dhoni, Kohli, Yuvraj Australians : We have Ishant Sharma
  • If Live gives you ‘Sharma’, make sure its ‘Kapil’, not ‘Ishant’ !
  • Ishant Sharma is the 3rd most talked about Indian since last night. The first 2 being his mother and sister
  • Ishant sharma ka kal last over dekhke aaj india ka baccha baccha gaali seekh gaya hoga
  • Ishant Sharma: Kaun BC bola target 360 hai?
Kohli: BC wo last match tha.
  • Indians were playing with 10 players, & australians were with 12, as ishant was also playing for australia
  • Ishant Sharma has become the most searched person on Google by Australians Yesterday.
  • Ishant Sharma back to his Form…..
  • Indian politicians just found a new agenda : Agar hum power me ayenge to wada karte h agle 5saal takIshant ko nai khelne denge
  • Ashish Nehra, Munaf Patel, RP Singh, Sreesanth & Ashok Dinda have just accepted Ishant Sharma’s friend request.
  • Australian coach : Well played boys! But you shouldn’t have scored that many runs of Ishant sharma. They may drop him now.
  •  Cricket is such a balanced game. We have an MS Dhoni and an Ishant Sharma in the same team
  • If I was Ishant Sharma, I would have announced my retirement right away and accepted this as my farewell match!
  • Wait for a FB Page called “I was alive when Ishant Sharma took a wicket”.
  • Ishant Sharma gave 70.
Now, Rohit Sharma has scored 75.
Chalo, the Sharmas are showing a profit. Now, if only we had a batsman called Kumar.

  • There are good bowlers, and there are poor bowlers. Then there’s 500 feet of crap. And then there’sIshant Sharma
  • Australia defeats India by Ishant Sharma & 16 runs

Ajit Agarkar would be having second thoughts on his retirement after looking at Ishant Sharma bowl.
Ishant Sharma is trending — for a moment I thought he too had retired, for good.
Don’t cry because it’s over. Cry because it’s Ishant Sharma’s over.
When Ishant Sharma bowls, it’s a working holiday for all fielders. Of course, the spectators are the real fielders
Punishment for Ishant Sharma, Give him tickets of Boss movie
End of an era as Agarkar retires, but no respite for Indian cricket fans – Ishant Sharma to step in to fill the void.

Ishant Sharma spotted uploading his Resume on
I wish cricket had red card,we would made sure Ishant sharma got it.
Dear Rahul Gandhi, Marry Ishant Sharma. This will save two houses. Sincerely, Common men of india.

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