Thursday, 17 October 2013

Happy Tula Sankranti...........................106813

-::- Happy Tula Sankranti -::- Tithi : Chaturdashi /   Hindu Purnimanta Month : Ashwin / Hindu Amanta Month : Ashwin / Shukla Paksha It is only on two occasions i.e. "Mesha Sankranti" and "Tula Sankranti" that the Sun fully rests on the equator and on these two dates the length of days and nights remain equal. Tula Sankranti is the day when Sun transits to Tula rashi (Libra). Tula Sankranti marks the beginning of the seventh month in Hindu Solar Calender. This day is also celebrated as a milestone for farmers when the rice plants grow up to show the ears of corns in their womb. These rice plants represent Goddess Lakshmi - The Goddess of Wealth and fertility. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on this day by offerings from the paddy field. It is believed that a huge quantity of corn will be harvested as a result of this display of respect. Wheat grains and Kara Branches are offered in worship and taken to the agricultural field for plantation. The practice relies on the believe that this would lessen the effect of famine or flood on the agricultural field and the crops are protected from pests and insects as well as there will never be shortage of food. Om Shree Mahaluxmiyeh Namah With Best Wishes & Love as always 

Puneet Agrawal

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