Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mobilitis!..............Diseases related to use of mobile phones...................70513

Up till now the debate has been whether mobile radiations can cause brain cancer or not. But recently, a new spectrum of diseases related to use of mobile phones has come to the notice of medical profession and it is anticipated that 10 years from now they will take an epidemic shape.

1. Computer vision syndrome: It occurs in 90% of people who use computer for more than three hours at a stretch. It leads to drying of eyes and headache. Prevention is to take a 20 seconds break after every 20 minutes and look by a distance of 10 feet for these 20 seconds.

2. Blackberry thumb: This is inflammation of the tendons in the thumb leading to pain. This can be prevented by alternatively using fingers while texting on a Blackberry phone.

3. Stiff neck occurs due to constant use of mobile in one hand with neck flexed. It can be prevented by alternative shifting of phone from one hand to another.

4. Cellphone elbow is a pain in the elbow because of the stretching of ulnar nerve because of use of mobile phone in a flexed position. Using hands-free set can prevent this.

5. Nomophobia – It is present in 50% of the mobile users and is a type of mobile addiction. The term literally means, 'no mobile phobia', which means that a person always fears losing his/her phone.

6. Ringxiety – It is the anxiety resulting due to not receiving a call in the last 30 minutes. It is present in the 30% of the mobile users.

7. Phantom ringing – It is present in 20-30% of mobile users. You can feel that your phone ringing but when you check, it is actually not ringing.

8. Social site addiction – With the growing popularity of smartphones, one is addicted to Facebook, internet, Twitter and other such applications. These can cause insomnia, fragmented sleep, etc.

9. After TV, Facebook is the number two cause of relational disharmony within the family and is present in 20% of the houses.

10. Smartphone is a cause for parent-child conflict in 30% of the cases. Often children get up late and end up going to school unprepared. On an average, people spend 30-60 minutes in the bed playing with the smart phone before sleep.


• Electronic curfew means not using any electronic gadgets 30 minutes before sleep.

• Facebook holiday: Take a Facebook holiday for 7 days every three months.

• Social media fast: Avoid use of social media once in a week for the entire day.

• Use your mobile phone only when mobile.

• Do not use computer for more than three hours in a day.

• Limit your mobile talk time to more than two hours in a day.

• Do not recharge your mobile battery more than once in a day.

• Mobile can also be a source of infection in the hospital setup; therefore, it should be  disinfected everyday.


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