Friday, 5 July 2013

Doctor Patient Relationship: Paradigm Shift...........71313

Doctor Patient Relationship:

Paradigm Shift

Then and Now

Doctor is GOD
Patient is GOD

Doctor is an asset
Patient is an asset

Patient will be your spokesman
You need to do your own ethical PR

Doctor chooses their patients
Patient choses their doctors

Doctor is always right
Patient is always right

Doctors do not come under consumer protection act
Doctors come under consumer protection act

Patients leave treatment to you
They want to know every thing
Doctors should charge less fee
You charge want you want we want service

Doctors can not advertise
Doctors are under CPA but still cannot advertise

Doctors should not be charged for consultation
If insurance is paying why should we leave doctors

I must have a family doctor
I need specialists for every illness

My patient has died of his bad karmas
There must be a negligence on the part of a doctor

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