Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Doctor files case over cut backs with Maharashtra Medical Council.....................73213

Doctor files case over cut backs with Maharashtra Medical Council

Mumbai: A doctor from rural Maharashtra, who was shocked to get a cheque of Rs 1,200 “for professional services” from a diagnostic chain, has filed a case against the practice of giving cuts and commissions with the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC).
The complainant, Dr H S Bawaskar who runs a hospital at Mahad in Raigad district, first wrote a letter in April to the Medical Council of India (MCI), which, in turn, directed the complaint to the state branch. The first hearing in the case was held at the MMC on Saturday.
In March, Dr Bawaskar referred a patient named Sunita Veer from Mahad for a CT scan and reportedly told her she could go anywhere for a scan. The patient got a scan done at N M Medical Centre located in Sancheti Hospital, Pune.
Following this, Dr Bawaskar got a cheque for Rs 1,200 from N M Medical Centre. “When I enquired about the cheque with the centre, I was told that it is a payment towards professional fees for referring my patient to them,” Dr Bawaskar has been quoted by ToI as saying.

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