Thursday, 6 June 2013

Our third day at Nainital...........Feeling Holidays.............Part 4............61113

As we have to go to eco caves we had breakfast on time ( means before 10.30). If you are on holidays to take breakfast on time is really a hard work.

 These caves are said to be 11 km long inside the mountain. A dacoit was used to live in it. These caves were taken over by kmvn and they have modified it for tourists. Now it has become a point in tourist's to do work.

Initially I decided not to enter in caves but when i saw a 70years old lady is entering I followed her immediately

It is really an adventure like feeling inside the cave as you have noticed in ardhkvari cave at vaishnodevi.

After a good time we went to mall. The capitol cinema is now closed and shops were opened in it.

And then we headed towards lake and hired a paddle boat. This was very nice experience.And we enjoyed a lot in it.

While our children paddle the boat we enjoyed the ride.
Enjoy the panorama view of lake--

After the paddle boating we headed towards Chandni chowk restaurant on the mall. North indian food was very good and very good theme restaurant.

Enjoy also inside view of restaurant--

Overall it eas a very nice trip with lots of memories!!

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