Sunday, 23 June 2013

Narendra Modi is Anti Muslim....?................66413

Narendra Modi is Anti Muslim....?

Ans. Read below to know why He is not

1. 2012 Election: 31% of Muslims voted for Modi. 2013 by election. Modi won 6 out of 6 seats held by Congress. Could he do it without Muslim support?
2. Gujarat has 8 Muslim majority MLA seats. 6 of them are won by BJP. Possible without Muslim support?
3. In the last 6 decades of history, the ONLY communal riot-free 10 years was under Narendra Modi's rule.
4. Out of the 6 major communal riots of Gujarat, Congress was in power during 1969, 87, 89, 90 and 92. Crores looted. 1000s of Muslims killed. Forget charge sheets, no FIRs also exist on records. But for 2002 riots under BJP govt, 200+ Hindus arrested and 150 serving life sentences. See the difference?
5. Those who parade 2002 riots as "anti Muslim" BJP policy, do not question 1964 Bihar, 1980 UP (Moradabad), 1969 Gujarat (Ahmedabad), 1983 Asom(Nellie), 1989 Bihar (Bhagalpur), 1993 Maharashtra (Mumbai). All these had more Muslim deaths than 2002 Gujarat. All these had Congress governments.
6. After the 1984 Sikh slaughter in Dilli, Rajiv Gandhi brushed off the death toll with "big Tree Falls" speech. Why no Human Rights group speak against that Congress leader?
7. Actor Salman Khan's father Salim asked: "Mumbai 1993 was no less violent than Gujarat 2002. Can you tell which party's CM was ruling Maharashtra then?"
8. Gujarat's Maulana Vastanvi: "The community that benefited most from Modi's inclusive development, is that of Gujarati Muslims"
9. Maulana Mehmood Madani of Jamatul Ulema e Hind: "Compared to other states, Muslims in Gujarat are much happier" 10. Maharashtra's ex IGP SM Mushrif to Milli Gazette paper: "Today the most safe place for Muslims is Gujarat"
11. Kerala's VV Augustine, member of National Minority Commission: "Poor Muslims' economic status in Gujarat has improved the most. How can I deny that?"
12. In Sabarmati Riverfront Project, 13000 families got displaced. 68% were Muslim. But every one of them is provided apartment now. Modi did NOT discriminate.
13. Gujarat's Haj quota is 3500. But now 41000 applications already in place. Shows how Gujarati Muslims have become financially well off.
14. Muslims form less than 10% of Gujarat's population. But 18% of RTO registration of 2 wheelers are by Muslims. Their 4 wheeler registration also is higher than the population. 12% police are Muslims. 10% of Government jobs held by Muslims.
15. Finally, Gujarati Muslims are more well off financially and much safer in 2013, than EVER in their history.
Still you call Modi anti-Muslim? Narendra Modi believes in "Development of all; Appeasement of none".

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