Monday, 3 June 2013

My road trip to Nainital..........Feeling Holidays...............Part 1............60413

After our enjoyable trip to Havelock island last year , we were looking forward for holidays this year. As our children were to come home in these holidays, we booked the hotel as in season time it is very difficult to get a room.

We thought several locations in India and abroad also but finally narrowed our search to Nainital only. 

We visited the place about 23 years back just after the marriage and from then onwards never got a chance to revisit the hill station.

Nainital has got its charm because of the Naini Lake. The lake is well maintained by Kumayun vikas nigam limited. It is truly the heart of Nainital. Nainital police is very active and smart in maintaining the crowd and cars in the town. In spite of hundreds of cars no traffic jam was there. The upper Mall road is closed for cars from 6 to 9 pm. 

Oldest picture hall Capital is now closed, Other hall also is closed, So practically there is no hall in the town. Digital technology has proved lethal for cinema halls.

You can reach Nainital from Kathgodam and newly built road from kaladungi. Kathgodam road is oldest , very wide, well maintained and good looking. Kaladungi road is narrow ( Only if you compare from Kathgodam road, othervise good   road for driving. You will get some patches of repair but non significant.)

Entry fee for cars is Rs 100/-.

We reached the hotel and parked our car in hotel's parking. Afterwards we used hotel's car only as they have good innova cars for pickup and drop at Mall. Sometimes we went elsewhere also and driver dropped us there also with a smile.

We started from Agra, passed Bareilly, and Haldwani. We witnessed a heavy traffic jam over Ram Ganga bridge just before Bareilly . Thanks to a netaji of BSP, who was also inside the jam and his muscle men and escorting police men released the jam in time. Thanks to Indian Politics !!
The best fact about jams is that you dont know where you are in the jam, you dont know why is the jam and you dont know when the jam will open !!

Road after bareilly is very bad. It is single and there are multiple holes with irregular patch works. 

You can't find the way with the help of boards and you have to depend on the google maps and inquiry from local men. Surprisingly local road side dhabas are also lacking on this route.

At one place before Haldwani I saw a large green board indicating us to turn to right for Nainital indicating Nainital Bye Pass. We turned right and to our hearts road was horrible with pot holes about 2 to 3 feet. With God's grace I saw a ?police man and I inquired from him and thankfully he asked us to go back as road is too bad for cars , it is not only bad but also closed now a days for cars and advised us to go to Nainital from Haldwani city only. 

Once you start driving up from Kathgodam you start feeling good. Atmosphere starts changing from hot to cool, trees start to change and you start changing from your busy work to holidays--feeling holidays !!!!  

I was driving on the hills very first time and it was a perfect drive for me!

Keep reading my next few posts for rest of the story and my photographs............            

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  1. Puneetjee, This seems to be repeat of your honeymoon!
    Looking very smart!