Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Feeling Holidays............My road trip to Nainital.......Part 2...................60513

The benefit of having a son is  that now you can take side seat and relax! Don't miss the facial expressipn of my daughter on the back seat.

We left our house at about 6.20 AM, about 20 minutes behind schedule. 

At Kasganj we stopped at our parental house for breakfast.

After Kasganj we have to cross Soron and kachla.
Kachla is always in my memory because of Gangaji. We used to take a dip in it after crossing the Gangaji. And the bridge over it was very notorious- It was a common bridge for vehicles and for train. If any train is expected then it has to be closed. As it was narrow the vehicles can pass over it from one side only. 

Now a wide bridge has been constructed over it. Just take a look

Afterwards journey was smooth. We passed ujhani etc. Before Bareilly over ramganga's bridge there was a large traffic jam.


As I mentioned in my previous post, some BSP netaji's men opened and managed the jam nicely.
After crossing the bridge we were stopped by a closed railway crossing.
As the time is passing we were worried as we have to reach Nainital and we want to uphill driving in day time.

We searched our way through google maps. The roads were pathetic after Bareilly.
At Kathgodam we took tea and reached our hotel on time. 
Manu Maharani is a good luxury hotel of Nainital. They have many hotels and one new one is about to start in jim Corbett park near by.

Reception is pleasant and lady receptionist gave us 50% vouchers for our next stay. We have not entered the hotel yet we were having the charm to come here again.

Have a look at our room-

 The room was good having all modern amenities. 

As we were hungry we went towards dining hall and enjoyed a good buffet dinner--

We enjoyed the chocolate fountain with pineapple dips.

 After enjoying the dinner we directly went to mall. 
Electricity is a major problem in Nainital as elsewhere in UP and UK. Mall road was in dark as many shops were closing down for the day.

 Hand made paper lanterns were for sale, lighting with candles.
See also handiwork of young boys making cycles etc from a single metal wire.

Enjoy my first post here


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