Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Top 5 Most Famous Mustaches........................57013

5. Badamsinh Juwansinh Gurjar Mustache

A simple Indian villager, Badamsinh wears his mustache here on February 29, 2004. Badamsingh displayed his 12.5 feet long mustache, which he said he had not cut for 22 years, in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World records.

4. Groucho Marx Mustache

Groucho's glasses, nose, and mustache have become icons of comedy—to this day, glasses with fake noses and mustaches (referred to as "Groucho glasses"and other names) resembling Groucho Marx are still sold by novelty and costume shops. Although his mustache started out a simple grease paint, by the time he was hosting "You Bet Your Life" he had grown a real mustache which he kept for the rest of his life. – Wikipedia

3. Adolf Hitler Mustache

I can't think of any other list that you would find both Tom Selleck and Adolf Hitler to be members of. Is it any wonder the "Hitler" mustache went out of style about the same time Hitler went of style? As one man, he had the power to throw the world into war…and forever end the fashion statement of the "toothbrush" mustache.

2. Tom Selleck Mustache

As my wife will tell you, there is a lot to like about Tom Selleck, not the least is his iconic mustache. Tall, dark, handsome and hairy, Tom Selleck has made a living at being easy on the eyes and he pulls off a mustache better than any other male. The legend of his mustache was illustrated wonderfully during his appearance on the hit sit-com, "Friends" when Joey and Chandler both tried growing mustaches in order to be more like Tom's character, Richard. Needless to say, they paled in comparison.

1. Fu Manchu Mustache

Imagine a person, tall, lean and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan, one giant intellect, with all the resources of science past and present … Imagine that awful being, and you have a mental picture of Dr. Fu-Manchu, the yellow peril incarnate in one man. – The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu
Reading this you might say, "How could the author Sax Rohmer forget to mention his incredible mustache." Actually, he didn't forget, Fu Manchu didn't originally have a mustache when he was in print. It was added when Fu Manchu made the leap from book to film. So popular was this mustache that Fu Manchu's name evolved into the actual name for his type of mustache–A "fu manchu" is a full moustache that extends downward past the mouth and on either side of the chin. Often, the ends of the moustache will hang past the jaw line with pointed or tapered ends. If this inspires you to grow a mustache, use a quality shaving brush and a sharp blade.

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