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Going Nainital this summer visit also Bageshwar..............................44813

Bageshwar lies at the confluence of 

Saryu and Gomti rivers with the 

blessings of Lord Sadashiv, the 

redeemer of all sins. ( These saryu and 

the gomti rivers are not the same one 

which are at ayodhya and at Lucknow


There are

 numerous famous temples dedicated 

to Gods and Goddesses in the proximity

 of Bageshwar.

Bageshwar is a place of extreme 

religious and historic significance. The 

Bhileshwar and the Nileshwar 

mountains border the east and the west

 of Bageshwar while the north and 

south are surrounded by Suraj Kund

 and Agni Kund respectively. According

 to the puranas, this place has the

 power to liberate one from shackles of 

births and deaths. For the entire state,

 Bageshwar has been the symbol of 

faith. Bageshwar is the base camp for

 treks to popular glaciers like Pindari, 

Kafni and Sunderdhunga.

The most important temple of 

Bageshwar is Bagnath temple which is 

dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is situated

 at the heart of the city and thousands

 of devotees throng the temple on the

 occasion of Mahashivratri. The temple

 was constructed by Laxmi Chand

 around 1450 AD.


The temples of Baijnath are located on 

the left bank of Gomti. The main 


which is just below the house of

 Mahanta is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

Since the construction of the temple is 

similar to the Tailihata group, it can be

 said that it belonged to the same 

period as Tailihta. About half a 

kilometre of Bageshwar lies the 

Chandika temple dedicated to Goddess

 Chandika. The Sriharu temple is

 located 5kms from Bageshwar and

 every year on Vijaya Dashami a large

 fair is organised here. The Uttaryani

 Fair is the most important fair of 

Bageshwar held on the occasion of

 Makar Sankranti on January 14th. The 

lace is considered to be as holy as the 

Ganga at Varanasi and therefore the 

fair attracts hundreds of devotees.


Bagnath Temple: Bageshwar got its 

name from an ancient temple of Lord 

Shiva situated in the heart of the town. 

According to myths and legends, sage

 Markandey was visited by Lord Shiva

 in the disguise of a tiger. This sacred

 shrine was built by the rulers of Chand

 Dynasty in 1602A.D. A fair is held

 every year on the auspicious day of 

Shivratri. This sacred temple is visited 

by thousands of devotees every


throughout the year and especially

 during the period of ‘Shravan’. Bagnath

 temple holds the idols made from 7th

 to 16th century.

Chandika Temple: The deity of this 

sacred shrine is Goddess Chandika. The

 temple is situated very close to the

 Bageshwar town. Chandika Temple is 

flooded by devotees during ‘Navratras’.

Shri Haru Temple: It is situated at a 

distance of kms from Bageshwar town. 

On the auspicious occasion of ‘vijay 

dashmi’ a large fair is held at Shri Haru 

Temple. The people of Kumaon have

 strong belief in this sacred temple.

Gauri Udiyar: It is situated 8kms

 from Bageshwar. There is a huge cave 

in Gauri Udiyar enshrining the ancient 

idols of Lord Shiva.

Other temple near 

Bageshwar: Agnikund temple, 

Nileshwar temple, Kukuda Mai temple, 

Shitla Devi temple, Trijugi Narayan 

temple, Hanuman temple, Jwala Devi 

temple, Radha Krishna temple, 

Bhileshwar Dham, Suraj Kund, Golu 

temple and Praktishwar Mahadev.


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