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SURA SOI Siachen.... The World's Hiighest Battlefield...........23413

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SURA SOI Siachen....
The World's Hiighest Battlefield. !!

The Siachen glacier is usually regarded as the world's highest battlefield.
With both India and Pakistan claiming the

glacier, thousands of soldiers from both countries are stationed in the area.
It borders the Pakistani- and Indian-administered

portions of disputed Kashmir. (All photos by Prashant Panjiar)

The glacier has been in the news recently with the deaths in April of about 140 people, most of them soldiers,

on the Pakistani side in an avalanche. Soon after, Pakistan's army chief said Pakistan favoured talks

India to demilitarise Siachen. The two

countries have already held 12 rounds of talks over the disputed glacier

Photographer Prashant Panjiar was given rare access to the Indian side in 2005, when he took

these photos

India and Pakistan agreed to a ceasefire over the Siachen glacier in 2003 but thousands of troops are still deployed
in the region. Supplies must be flown in to the

Forward Logistics Base by helicopter. India believes that
the glacier is of great strategic and diplomatic


Indian soldiers adjust to the high altitude by training on an ice wall at the snout of the Siachen glacier
A sign at the snout of the glacier declares it to be

the world's highest battlefield.

More soldiers have died from the harsh conditions in Siachen than in combat.

A war memorial on the bank
of the Nubra river is

inscribed with the names of all the Indian soldiers who have died on the glacier.

Dear Everyone,

I SALUTE, each and every Indian Soldier, Alive, or who Died, Fighting and WINNING  against Pakistan, for 'Siachen' - The World's Highest Battlefield.

The recent proposal by Pakistan, to make 'Siachen' a 'NO MAN ZONE' should NEVER be considered.

It would be an Insult, and a Mockery to the Indian Men In Arms, (Dead And Living ) who fought SO HARD, FOR INDIA'... to even consider this proposal.



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