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How to have fair coloured baby in pregnancy ??......13113

Although I am not a lady doctor, neither I am dealing in female diseases in my outdoor practice, yet several young ladies who are pregnant or in child bearing age, ask me a very genuine question- Doctor how can we have fair (or gore bache) children ?

I know this is a very silly question, yet I have to answer them and satisfy their eagerness. It may be well said by some persons that skin colour is not very important and we should see the qualities of a person or character of person. In spite of these teachings when we look for a bride for our children our main criterion is , is skin colour.

Do you agree with me ?

I have done some research on the internet on this topic. I request you to kindly write down your comments also below to help some young mother.

1. Most consistent view is to have saffron with milk daily after three months.Take 3-4 strands of saffron. Boil them in milk for 5 minutes , add little sugar in it. Take it when milk is lukewarm. Iranian and spanish saffrons are considered best among all.

2.  Second possible suggestion is to take 1-2 pomegranate daily. How does this help ??

      It helps by increasing blood in circulation which also increases blood circulation in child.

3. To eat water melon

4. To have strawberries daily

5. To have rose petals daily. Prepare your own rose milk and take it daily.

6.To take lot of fruits during pregnancy especially orange.

7. To take white coloured food material in pregnancy as first thing in the morning e.g. coconut, curd, rice etc..

8. Before conceiving think that you are going to have a fair coloured child. Your thoughts can determine the colour of your baby. Have you heard about faith healing ? 
It is about faith which can heal you. Your positive thoughts can change your life and may be colour of your child also.

9. What skin doctors say about this

    Skin matures at about 38 wks . So before 38 wks it is not possible to change any thing.

     Nutritional advice

a. Eat eggs and low fat dairy products- this will give fairness to skin

b. Take plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruit juices daily

c. Maintain your blood level 

d. Vitamin A

10. Some people advice not to take brinjals and iron supplements during pregnancy. There are no proof supporting this.

11. Keep a picture of beautiful and fair baby in your bed room. See this picture as often as possible during pregnancy.This will boost your psychology at least.

12. Enjoy white rosogulla in pregnancy.

13. Avoid tea, coffee, and chocolates.

14. Take proper rest. While you rest keep 2 pillows under your legs so that blood circulates towards baby.

15. Do not eat spices and chillies.

16. Eat betel and pan, as it contains calcium it improves the colour of skin of child.

17. Lots of water and smile on your face !!

18. If you eat lots of tofu, your baby's skin will be very smooth.   

19. To take vitamin C and E during pregnancy.

20. The colour of the child depends on the genes which cant be changed. This fact is certain.

I would like to hear from you--

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  1. गर्भवती औरतों को चाहिए कि वे गर्भावस्था के समय रोजाना 1 गिलास संतरे का रस पियें इससे संतान गोरे रंग की उत्पन्न होती है

  2. गर्भिणी स्त्री ढाक (पलाश) का एक कोमल पत्ता घोंटकर गौदुग्ध के साथ रोज़ सेवन करे | इससे बालक शक्तिशाली और गोरा होता है | माता-पीता भले काले हों, फिर भी बालक गोरा होगा | इसके साथ सुवर्णप्राश की २-२ गोलियां लेने से संतान तेजस्वी होगी |