Sunday, 16 December 2012

Guava Leaves.......150112

GUAVA LEAVES (Amrud ke Patte) and their health benefits are known to people across the world from ancient times. They are obtained from the guava tree which is commonly planted in the backyard of the North Asian, Central American, Northern South American and Mexican regions. When its fully grown, it attains the height of around 25 feet, which is very rare.

Some studies suggest that guava is bette

r than oranges as it contains more vitamin C. So, its leaves are also extremely beneficial. They lower the blood sugar levels or diabetes. Their use removes the toxins that cause diarrhea.

Now, the question arises, how to make use of Guava Leaves?

The tea made from these leaves treats mouth ulcers and the discomfort generated by sore throat, laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx of vocal cord) and mouth swelling.

A topical application of their paste helps to heal wounds and various skin infections, like acne, due to their anti-bacterial nature. For this purpose, take around 10-15 leaves and chop them well. Pound or beat them gently using a bottle and then apply them on the affected parts and cover with a cloth. Leave it for around 24 hours and then change the poultice again till the wound heals completely.

Chewing guava leaves is considered as a fine weight loss remedy as they prevent starch from turning into sugar. The problems of high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol levels can also be controlled with the use of these leaves. For this purpose, just take some leaves and wash them in clean water and chop them and simply chew them. Chopping these leaves is essential as they are a bit hard, sometimes.

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