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Jokes................Saali vs Gharwaali__

एक पति ने अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड का नाम अपने मोबाइल के फोनबुक में 

battery low के नाम से सेव कर रखा था। उसकी गर्लफ्रेंड का जब भी 

फोन आता, तो बेचारी पत्नी फोन को चार्जिंग पर लगा देती और बोलती, 

'अजी जब आपके फोन की बैटरी लो होती है, तो आप इतना एक्टिव क्यों 

हो जाते हो।

Sprite: University Of Freshology :
Apni Girlfriend Ke
Saamne Doosri Ladkiyon
Ko Kaise Dekhen ??
Boy: Tumne Us Ladki Ko Dekha,
Wo Kapde Usko Bilkul
Suite Nahi Karte.
Girl: Saale,
Tu To Chaahta Hai Ki
Ladkiyan Kapde Hi Na Pehne..
Moral: Ladki Ne Pehle Hi
Sprite Pi Li Thi..!! ♥

DAYA to ACP Pradyumann : Arey sir...itne chhote chotte baal 

kyu katwa liye..!?!? !? ACP : Arey yaar...wo naai(barbe r) ke 

pas 3 rupye

khulle nahi the, to maine bola 3 rupye ke baal aur
kaat de...!

A man asked the barber “How much for a haircut?”
“$5.50.” said the barber.
“And how much for a shave?”
“$3.00 sir.”
“Very well, shave my head.”

A beggar goes door-to-door looking for food, he rang on one door and a person comes out:
-What do you want?
Can I have some food?
-Do you mind if it is from yesterday?
Of course not
-So, come back tomorrow!

A humble little man in a restaurant shyly touched the arm of a man putting on an overcoat. “Excuse me,” he said, “but do you happen to be Mr. Williams of Main?”
“No, I’m not!” the man answered with annoyance.
“Oh…er…well,” stutter the little man, “you see, I am, and that’s his overcoat you’re putting on.”

A woman who ran to the mall for a quick errand lost her purse, but an honest teenage boy returned it to her. The woman looked inside her purse and remarked, "That's strange. Earlier I had a $20 bill inside, but now it's gone, and instead I see two fives and a ten." "That's right," the boy explained, "the last time I found a lady's purse, she did not have change for a reward."


What time does the library open? The voice on the phone asked. “Nine A.M.” came the reply. And what is the idea of calling me at home in the middle of the night to ask such a question? Asked the librarian “Not until nine A.M.?” the man asked in a disappointed voice. “No, not till nine A.M..!” the librarian said, “Why do you want to get in before nine A.M.?” “Who said I wanted to get in? The man sighed sadly. “I want to get out.”

A very homely person made an
appointment with a psychiatrist.
The homely person walked into
the doctor's office and said,
"Doctor, I'm so depressed and

lonely. I don't have any friends, no one will come near me, 

everybody laughs at me. Can
you help me accept my
ugliness?" "I'm sure I can." the psychiatrist
replied. "Just go over and lie
face down on that couch.

Dear Icebergs,
Sorry to hear about the Global 

Yours Sincerely,


‎__Saali vs Gharwaali__

Saali is Beauty,
Wife is duty,

... Saali is passion,
Wife is tension,

Saali is patakha,
Wife is sayapa,

Saali is cool,
Wife is fool,

Saali is tuty-fruity,
Wife is qismat photi,

Saali is fresh cake,
Wife is earth quake.

It will hit you hard :P


koirala was travelling in
car.. she was using the laptop and
trying to make a '.rar' file (zip
files in a computer) but she was
facing difficulty...
ek-rar karna
mushkil hai,
in-car karna muskil hai

You are completely stupid if you visit an ice-cream parlour 

instead of medical store when your girl friend says: "I like 

Strawberry flavour."

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